Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elisa Lam Elevator Video Before She Was Found in Water Tank: The Mystery Continues

Matt's thoughts:

This case gets stranger by the day.

Somehow, someone supposedly murdered Elisa Lam and then tossed her body into one of the water vats above. In order to do this, however, they had to murder her within the hotel without anyone (or any cameras) noticing, get her through several layers of security and surveillance on the upper maintenance floors, carry her up a ladder, stuff her through a small hole on the top of the vat, and so all that without leaving any evidence or being noticed.

In fact, the perpetrator was so successful at pulling this off and left so little indication of the crime that it took three days for her body to be found. And that's only because the water pressure in the building had been low and people complained, only to have found out that they've been drinking corpse water for weeks.

The only other possibility is that she took off all her clothes, breached the security herself, climbed into the vat and drowned. This possibility makes little sense either.

The elevator video is chilling. The elevator doesn't close as an elevator normally would, and yet when she looks outside she doesn't see anyone.

She scans the hallway several times, and never seems to encounter anyone. Just when one might surmise that she's found someone on the left, she begins talking to some entity on the right that doesn't seem to exist.

Then she disappears. Dead.

Some have suggested she was high on drugs at the time, but I can't find any indication that is so. She's acting no differently than any other young woman full of energy on a holiday would.

When we cut away the fat, this is what we're left with:

1) No trace of murder taking place.
2) Elevator behaving strangely. Why is she playing with all the buttons?
3) Girl searching about for something that isn't there.
4) Girl having a conversation with something we can't see. Why is she making such strange hand gestures at slightly after the 2 minute mark in the video? Is she indeed on drugs? It almost looks like she's feeling if something is there.
5) Girl leaves in opposite direction in which she had that conversation, indicating that if someone was on her right, they would have seen something happening to her on her left, or vice versa.
6) The LA autopsy doesn't actually reveal how she died. Why? Because they can't tell. Drowning? Drugs? Murder? Wouldn't a strangling or shooting or stabbing be obvious?

What are your guys' thoughts on this?