Monday, February 25, 2013

Elisa Lam and Los Angeles Tuberculosis Outbreak Connection? (This just gets stranger and stranger)

This is too strange, I have to share it. Currently across the Los Angeles area, there is a widespread outbreak of TB; thousands of people may have been exposed to it in a deadly downtown LA outbreak. Coincidentally, or not, a woman was recently found dead in a water tank in a hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Her name? Elisa Lam. The name of the test for TB? Lam Elisa. Is this some kind of 'test' run for a water borne 'false flag' across America? The first line of the linked CBS LA story alone should give us pause:

"The feds are descending on downtown Los Angeles to combat a dangerous outbreak of a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis."

I've added a mysterious video below of one of the last times Elisa Lam was seen alive, pushing buttoons in an elevator and ducking in and out, looking into the hallway. Check that one out, the 2nd video below. That video alone is bizarre enough to give anyone concern. 

Here is the medical terminology for the TB Test on humans, 9th paragraph down  Here is the story of 4500 people [Possibly] infected of drug resistant TB in LA California Coincidence or more?

Elisa Lam Elevator video:

Elisa Lam Tumblr (updated as recently as Feb 27th):