Friday, January 25, 2013


Is this footage really unseen?
Some may have seen it, but due to general media blackouts of European military excursions into Africa (as well as American ones), it was downplayed and in many cases simply not shown. The only reason we even know about this happening is because someone in the crowd filmed it with their camera.

What are we seeing?
You are seeing French troops, perhaps even Foreign Legion, fire upon unarmed civilian protestors, massacring many. You can tell they're French from two signs: first, the trademark turreted armoured vehicle the French use, which looks like a tank with wheels rather than tracks. And secondly, white faces appear later on as the French troops advanced into the crowd.

Why is this relevant right now?
France has just issued a media blackout of northern Mali. That means French troops will now venture into the country and be able to do whatever they want, since it won't be reported outside of civilian-captured video like what you just saw here from the Ivory coast. Are we to believe that the fighters in Northern Mali are simply "Islamic terrorists" like we're told whenever the West encounters a group it doesn't like in that part of the world? Could they simply not be Muslim freedom fighters? What less right to they have to resist tyranny than anyone else in the world?

What we need to ponder:
When does it reach a point where in order to help our brothers and sisters there, we need to begin fighting them here? Is it alright because they're Muslim? Because they're black? Because they're far away? When will we join the battle and defend those unable to defend themselves, however hard they may try? When will Christians and Muslims and Jews realize how they're being divided for the gain of an evil few, and begin fighting, in the literal definition, against all our oppressors?