Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some UKIP members are 'hooligans' - claims ECR vice-president

Britain's United Kingdom Independence Party – or UKIP as it now prefers to be known - is full of "hooligans" and "bar fighters", alleged a vice president of one of the European Parliament's political groups on Tuesday. Some of UKIP's Eurosceptic MEPs "are against everything in the European Union apart from the money and the allowances they get themselves," according to Derk-Jan Eppink MEP, vice-president of the European Conservatives and Reformists - the group that is home to Britain's Conservative Party MEPs.

Talking at a conference organised by the Association of European Journalists - Eppink, a former journalist and one-time European Commission cabinet member, gave UKIP's Brussels contingent both barrels. It was important for people know "what they are like", he claimed.

I notice as UKIP get more popular, the attacks on them are increasing, anyone asking questions or disagreeing with the EU is in the firing line.