Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Israeli racism against Chechen Muslim football players -- Wait a minute, you mean Jews aren't the only victims?

Fans of Beitar Jerusalem protest against the imminent arrival of two Chechen Muslim players, holding up banners that read 'Beitar pure forever' and '70 years of principles'. Beitar is a bastion of Israel's political right wing and the only major team never to have signed an Arab player. In a ruling last year, the Israel Football Association (IFA) said Beitar 'had not made an honest effort to combat fans' racist chants'.


Matt's thoughts:
Well isn't this interesting. In fact, several other foreign players had to leave the team entirely due to how racist the Israeli fans were. You know what kills me the most, though? "70 years of principles", coming from a nation whose principles often leave us in wonderment, and who uses an event 60 years to make us feel guilty for something we never took part in, and as an excuse to fulfill ambitions. People who champion Israel should start asking tougher questions.