Friday, December 28, 2012

Amazing UFO Formation in Santiago Chile (december 2012)

Matt's thoughts:

-- You'll notice at one point that the lights actually move into the formation of the Great Pyramids, or Orion's Belt constellation.

-- As has been reported in many other instances, the lights "transform" (for lack of a better word at present) into aircraft-like light sets that mimic our safety lighting on aircraft. However, as Alison Kruse proved after contacting the FAA and conducting in-depth studies of this phenomenon, the "copies", while resembling our planes, don't follow any known commercial or military lighting regulations.

-- In typical "human" fashion, a whole city full of people is mostly too busy to look up from their iPhones and television sets to notice something amazing occurring in the skies directly overhead.

-- I honestly have no ideas what these objects could be. ET visitors? Secret military craft (although I doubt this one for a variety of reasons)? Ethereal entities? Fact and fiction has begun to blur over this particularly fascinating issue.