Saturday, November 10, 2012

Occupy Sandy: Onetime protesters find new cause

Image: Associated Press/Craig Ruttle - With their mother nearby, Mario Pineda, 12, pushes his brother Walter Rivera, 5, along a dark street full of debris after picking up some food at an Occupy Sandy outreach center

The social media savvy that helped Occupy protesters create a grass-roots global movement last year — one that ultimately collapsed under its leaderless format — is proving a strength as members fan out across New York to deliver aid including hot meals, medicine and blankets.
They're the ones who took food and water to Glenn Nisall, a 53-year-old resident of Queens' hard-hit and isolated Rockaway section who lost power and lives alone, with no family nearby.

"I said: 'Occupy? You mean Occupy Wall Street?'" he said. "I said: 'Awesome, man. I'm one of the 99 percent, you know?'"