Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Matt's thoughts:

Some intriguing points are brought up.

1. Beware Hamas interviews. The IDF continually warns reporters not to go near Hamas because "they will use you as human shields." Strangely, that doesn't appear to matter though, since the IDF has now killed a number of reporters and media personnel in Gaza, and bombed media facilities. Is this an honest reason, or do they simply not want Hamas to gain any interview time? Isn't such behavior contradictory to a democracy?

2. Rockets are being fired from civilian areas. But where in Gaza isn't a civilian area? Millions of people are packed into a strip of desert and beach, and it's actually the most densely populated area in the world. The only way for Hamas to not wage war from a civilian area is to not wage war at all, which I imagine many would have no problem with. But, if you were under embargo and suffered similar circumstances, would you be able to so easily lay down your arms? Is the reality of the situation being acknowledged?

3. Gazans should go to safe zones. But where? Israel forbids the construction of air raid sirens. Israel also restricts supplies of concrete to Gaza as a part of the embargo to prevent the construction of bunkers and the reconstruction of facilities. Where are people supposed to go?

4. Hamas takes advantage of you. But Hamas didn't seize power is some sort of coup, it was directly elected by Gazans. Many seem to be forgetting that this isn't a war between a democracy and a tyranny, but two democracies. Do any have the right to overthrow the elected?