Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zombie Attack China: Bloodbath on Chinese subway as pensioner launches attack on youth who pushed in front of him in queue

In these horrific pictures, an incensed 70-year-old man is seen biting a queue-jumping teenager in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The unnamed pensioner launched the shocking attack after the teenager was believed to have pushed in front of him as they waited to board a subway train.

Although there were a number of empty seats on the train, the disgruntled 70-year-old man pursued the teenager while berating him.

A witness claimed the pensioner struck the younger man before a fight broke out, ending with the 70-year-old digging his teeth into the teenager’s flesh and drawing blood.

The pictures show the pensioner set upon the teenager as he sits down. The two seem to struggle before the older man digs his teeth into the younger man's arm.

As the teenager attempts to fight his attacker off, the pair roll onto the floor as the attack continues. Read More