Friday, October 12, 2012

Measles outbreak kills 10 in less than a month in Kuando Kubango, Angola

Menongue - Ten people died of a measles outbreak from 17 September to the present date, in Menongue City, capital of the south-eastern Kuando Kubango Province, a fact that is worrying the local health authorities.

ANGOP has learnt that most of the deceased are children below the age of two, but there is also the record of a 35-year old adult.

According to the head of the Menongue Municipality health department, Carlos Jonas, who gave this information to ANGOP on Thursday, in view of this worrying reality, which includes the fact that this disease is highly contagious, the authorities have reinforced routine vaccination acts.

From 17 September up to the present date the authorities recorded 320 cases of measles in Menongue City, a number that is deemed very high considering the period of the outbreak.

According to official sources ten people are currently in-patients in the central hospital for medical assistance, while others are getting ambulatory treatment. Read More