Thursday, October 11, 2012

'It's disrespectful': Father's hurt at Obama's form letter sent to him by UPS to offer condolences for son killed in Afghanistan

An anguished father says he was saddened to receive an 'impersonal’ form letter from the president regarding the death of his son in Afghanistan - as it is revealed that the White House has been sending the same exact letters to families of fallen troops for years.

Back in January, Tom Logan, of Willis, Texas, was ecstatic when it appeared that his son, USMC Cpl Joseph Logan, had come home on a surprise visit.

But the man at the door that day was not Joseph. He was a fellow Marine who had come to deliver the heartbreaking news that Mr Logan’s youngest son had been killed in action.

Cpl Logan was one of six Marines who were killed when a chopper went down in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province on January 19.

'He was a good kid,' Mr Logan told KPRC while fighting back tears, 'and he’s not going to come back anymore.'

But four months after his death, Mr Logan said he was saddened all over again when a UPS delivery truck brought a letter of condolence from President Obama.

Speaking to KPRC in Houston, Mr Logan called it a form letter that was 'impersonal' and 'disrespectful.' Read More

Image: Carbon copies: An investigation by KPRC found that the letters sent by the White House to the families of fallen troops are carbon copies of each other- except for names and ranks