Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hong Kong Beauty Treatment leaves 1 Woman Dead and 3 Fighting for Life

A woman has died and three others are fighting for their lives after having a controversial treatment in a Hong Kong beauty parlour.

Police and the medical authorities are investigating the death of the 46-year-old in a case that has highlighted the lack of regulation in the city's cosmetic industry.

The four women fell ill after having a complicated blood transfusion procedure at the DR beauty chain, according to government statements.

They paid around £4,000 each for the treatment, which is claimed to boost the immune system and appearance.

The other three women, aged 56, 59 and 60, are all in hospital and the oldest is in a critical condition.

DR said in a statement that the procedures were carried out by a doctor who was not employed by the parlour.

The case has sparked fresh calls by health experts for tighter regulation of the Hong Kong beauty industry. Read More