Friday, October 12, 2012

European Union Nobel Peace Price Award - What the public are saying

NOTE: In the past 2 years Democracy has gone in reverse in Europe with several European Countries losing their full democracy status when they were downgraded to Flawed Democracy Status

Mark Dobrzanski
1:48 PM on 12/10/2012
Did I read that right? "EU" and "democracy" in the same sentence?? Awarding this prestigious award to the new (E)USSR cheapens and demeans previous DESERVED award winners.

Raymond Vermont
1:16 PM on 12/10/2012
The expansion of the EU is very likely to create future military conflict not prevent it.

Wilfred Lavagna
1:06 PM on 12/10/2012
The committee should take a look at Youtube ... Gibraltar border queue & Fishing dispute,
Then we can talk about human rights and bullying.

Raymond Vermont
12:49 PM on 12/10/2012
Didnt Arafat accept the award on behalf of his people... The USSR?

Wilfred Lavagna
12:44 PM on 12/10/2012
The EU has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its long-term role in uniting the continent, as the bloc faces its greatest internal crisis since it was established in the 1950s.

This is a joke right, when was the last time they took a look at the Gibraltar/Spanish border? Human rights are broken there everyday, Tues 4 hours to drive out of Gibraltar, yesterday 2 1/2 hours to drive out.Talk about bully boy tactics, Spain have held Gibraltar to ransom for years. Now we have the fishing dispute, where they fish in Gibraltar (British) waters illegally, but say it belongs to them. And what do the British do, sweet FA. They just say Gibraltar has to sort this out with Spain, yeah right, tiny Gib, 30,000 people, to the mighty Spain 47 Million. Laugh......... I nearly did.

12:38 PM on 12/10/2012
A farce!
Rebuilding after WWII - I thought that was down to the US Marshall Plan.
Keeping the peace - that was done by NATO not the EU.
The EU with its commission is not democratic and, with the problems caused in the Eurozone, is driving worldwide instability.
Totally debases the Nobel Peace Prize - this and giving it to Obama when he'd only been in office a week.

Freedom Lover1
12:28 PM on 12/10/2012
The Nobel prize-givers forfeited their authority the day they handed the Peace prize to Barack Obama (the man who has increased the death squads and murdered even more people than the retard Bush).

12:26 PM on 12/10/2012
Well done to the EU. This is thoroughly deserved. The EU in 2012 and Barak Obama in 2009. The world is truly a safer place because of the EU and a Democrat in the White House.

12:25 PM on 12/10/2012
Hmmm.... surely the Nobel prize is about individual contributions to humanity and not political organsiations like the EU....
I think this sets a disturbing precedent and encourages an image of politicians as demigods who always act for the greater good. We all know that that is simply not true - most of them are self-serving corrupt little people who would sell their sell their own garndmotheres if it furthered their own political careers and bought them a bigger slice of the gravy-train......