Tuesday, October 9, 2012


An inquest has heard a Brazilian student who died after being tasered in Sydney's CBD was kicked by a police officer minutes before his death.

Coroner Mary Jerram has been told Tasers were discharged 14 times and that police also used capsicum spray and handcuffs to detain Roberto Laudisio Curti.

They chased the 21-year-old in the Sydney CBD in March after reports of a robbery at a convenience store.

The coroner is investigating if police followed guidelines when they tasered Mr Curti.

Local resident Tommy Wang told Glebe Coroners Court that he saw a female police officer kick the student as he lay on the ground.

He said the student was unarmed and not wearing a shirt, and described the police conduct as violent and excessive.

Wendy Price, who was staying in a nearby hotel, told the court that she looked from her window after hearing noise on the street.

Ms Price says she saw a man yelling in pain as police tried to restrain him on the ground.

"He was twisting and writhing and yelling'' she told the court.

She says she saw a flash before he broke free and ran off.

The inquest has been told that Mr Curti stole two packets of biscuits from the convenience store and during the theft he jumped the counter and told staff: "I am a messenger from God." Read More