Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ashleigh Davis Sues Florida Police 'Who Beat Her'

A Florida woman is suing police who she claims knocked out her teeth and left her half-naked while she was being arrested.

Ashleigh Davis and a friend were detained on charges of being drunk and disorderly at Leesburg's BikeFest in April.

Images taken from a police video appears to show her topless on the floor, with her legs and arms cuffed, and surrounded by male officers.

"(They) handcuffed my hands to my feet and then took a tie and tied it around, then carried me like a suitcase and threw me on the back of a golf cart," Ms Davis told WFTV.

The 32-year-old from Ocala said her bikini top came off while she was being restrained and she was then led through the crowd before being taken to the Leesburg Police Department.

She said the abuse continued at the station. She is seen kicking and fighting with the officers and admits biting one and drawing blood in the struggle. Read More