Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last two Jews in Kabul fight like cat and dog

AFGHANISTAN has suffered more than its fair share of feuding, but few of its vendettas have seemed quite so pointless to outsiders as that being fought by the last two Jews in Kabul.

Yitzhak Levy, 60, and Zebolan Simanto, 41, live in the same courtyard on the same city street. Each looks after his own synagogue, from which the other is banned.

Apart from being Jewish, all that they have in common is their explosive hatred for one another. Even living as Jews together under the Taliban did not reconcile them. If anything, it only offered them new opportunities to denounce, inform on, terrorise and generally do each other down.

"He is an old fool whose brains do not work properly," Mr Simanto said of his enemy yesterday. "He is a donkey who thinks only of himself. I wouldn't go into his flat if I were you: it stinks."

Mr Levy was equally vituperative about his rival and nemesis. "He is arrogant and ruthless," he said. "He is making my life a misery." Nothing is sacred in the campaign of spite and loathing the men have waged against each other for the past three years. On at least one occasion they came to blows in one of the synagogues.

"Yes, I knocked him down, with my fist, right here," Mr Simanto smirked during a tour of his synagogue. "He had sneaked in and was eavesdropping on my conversations." more

Thoughts: Surely we can find some way to blame Muslims for this, can't we?