Saturday, September 29, 2012

Seven Killed As Flash Floods Hit Southern Spain

Seven people have been killed and hundreds evacuated from their homes after flash floods swept through southern Spain.

After months of drought, torrential rain has flooded streets and homes, brought down a motorway bridge, and swept cars down roads that have been transformed into rivers.

The hardest hit areas are the Mediterranean provinces of Malaga in the south and Murcia and Almeria in the southeast.

Regional officials said seven people have died and at least 600 people have been evacuated from their homes.

Among the dead were a young boy and a girl who were found drowned in a car in the southeastern town of Puerto Lumbreras, according to Spanish National radio.

A regional government spokesman said: "In Malaga province, there are 800 staff working to return things to normal as quickly as possible. The rains are decreasing and seem to be shifting towards Granada and Almeri." Read More

Up to 245 litres (65 gallons) of water per square metre (11 square feet) had fallen in the area on Friday morning alone, Spain's weather agency reported.