Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ohio Miners angry they were 'forced' to go to pro-Romney rally and docked a day's pay... as bosses say event was 'mandatory but they didn't have to attend'

Coal miners who attended a Mitt Romney rally last month in the critical swing state of Ohio are angry are being 'forced' to attend the event - and even missed out on a day's pay.

Murray Energy's Century coal mine in Beallsville closed on August 14th - the day of the Republican presidential nominee's event - citing security concerns.

Mr Romney held his event at the mine, as he effectively used it and the hoards of soot-faced miners in coveralls and hard hats as props during his speech about the financial and political benefits of increased coal mining.

A number of the miners called and emailed complaints to a local radio host who aired their grievances, which come as close connections have been revealed about the mine's owner and the Romney campaign.

'They took a roll call and took a list of who was there and who wasn't,' radio host David Blomquist said on WWVA News Radio 1170. Read More