Friday, September 28, 2012

Netanyahu's cartoon bomb at UN sparks media frenzy

Benjamin Netanyahu has proved in his UN speeches time and again there are three things he likes best: history, lecturing and props. And when it comes to leaving a lasting impression, his props must be his favorite.

Pundits and the blogosphere instantly went crazy with memes of the Israeli prime minister's diagram depicting the cartoonish bomb on which he literally drew the famous "red line" for Iran. There was "Bibi Dylan" with the crudely Photoshoped singer holding Netanyahu's bomb diagram. There was Netanyahu, holding a picture of Daffy Duck's head exploding. The Atlantic magazine correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg defined Netanyahu's cartoonish bomb as the Israeli leader's "Clint Eastwood chair," referring to the film star's awkward impromptu speech at the Republican National Convention in August, in which he addressed the empty chair symbolizing U.S. President Barack Obama. Other "Twitterati" wondered where the bomb was taken from - Super Mario? Daffy Duck? Spy vs Spy?

The Washington Post ran an op-ed by Alexandra Petri, who admitted she is a fan of "lateralization-of-concept jokes," but wondered what Netanyahu's motivation was. "Was this a poor choice of a ridiculous-looking, over-simplified bomb cartoon... Or was it a calculated choice… in order to create the one indelible image of the afternoon that everyone would be talking about?" Read More