Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Facebook Privacy: France Summons Bosses

French ministers have ordered Facebook managers to appear before the country's data watchdog to explain reports that private messages appeared in public areas on the social network.

Metro newspaper reported that a "non-systemic" problem at Facebook had caused certain personal messages, some several years old, to be displayed on people's public timelines.

Facebook, however, denied any problems with its security systems and said any old data that may have appeared on timelines did not come from users' private messages.

"A minority of users were worried after seeing messages they thought to be private appearing on their Timelines," a spokesman for Facebook France said.

"Facebook engineers examined the situation and confirmed that the messages in question were old postings, which had previously been visible on the users' profiles."

Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg and small businesses minister Fleur Pellerin said they were looking for "clear and transparent explanations" from Facebook. Read More