Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chinese protester opposing government takeover of village land 'is crushed to death by state-controlled road-flattening truck'

This is the horrifying moment a Chinese protester was allegedly brutally crushed to death by a government road flattening truck over a land dispute.

The demonstrator had apparently resisted a government relocation when he appeared to be crushed by the huge vehicle on the orders of a Chinese government official.

The victim, named as He Zhi Hua, had refused to accept a small sum to relocate from Changsha Village in Hunan Province, where government officials want to claim land for commercial use.

Instead, when Hua began lying down on the land in protest, a construction vehicle reportedly crushed him to death with its huge rollers, allegedly on the orders of the local Vice Mayor.

The local authorities had already evicted many others from Changsha Village when the state-owned construction vehicle carried out the killing, according to reports. Read More