Friday, September 14, 2012

Cameron in secret referendum threat to EU leaders over power grab plans that could create a 'federal Europe'...That is if he can Find a Backbone before this Happens

David Cameron has privately warned EU leaders he will call a referendum in Britain if they press ahead with plans to create a ‘federal Europe’.

Diplomatic sources in Paris yesterday said the Prime Minister has privately warned French President Francois Hollande that he will order a referendum if plans to give Brussels sweeping new powers are approved.

He is thought to have repeated the warning to other EU leaders.

With European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso calling this week for a new treaty to create a ‘federation of nation states’ by 2014, the Prime Minister’s stance suggests the Coalition could be plunged into a referendum debate before the next election.

Government lawyers are reported to have already started work on how to deal with a referendum on a ‘recommendation that Britain stays in the EU without a political union’. Read More