Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Was Dead Zhou Kehua Really Fang Bin?

The China authority announced on Aug 14th that Zhou Kehua,

suspected as a serial killer and armed robber in several provinces in China was shot dead by police. Netizens widely questioned this after finding that Zhou's photo released by police wasn't Zhou himself, but a police officer from Changsha called Fang Bin. It drew netizens attention and discussion.

The police soon denied this and posted an official microblog: no one called Fang Bin at Changsha police station.

However, on Aug 20th , a newspaper reporter found a clue in a Hunan Daily newspaper issued in Oct 14th , 2011. In a lost property announcement column, was written:
Fang Bin lost police ID card, No.1804428. It proved that there was a police called Fang Bin at Changsha police station.

On Aug 20th , another insider revealed online: Fang Bin truly existed but is missing. His family are under house arrest.

Gun Shot Incident Occured in Guangxin Province, Was It Zhou Kehua Again?

It was strange that Gele Mountain in Chongqing was blocked two days after Zhou was shot dead. The police searched the residential area door by door holding Zhou Kehua's photo to show the occupants. The police claimed that blocking the mountain was for fire protection. However, according to photos released, the so-called fire fighters were armed with submachine guns. Read More