Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wary US develops support for Syria rebels

(FT) The Obama administration is tip-toeing towards closer links with the Free Syrian Army with the White House allowing US intelligence agencies to share information about troop movements with some opposition groups.

Syria’s opposition activists in the US also received a boost in recent days in the fight against President Bashar al-Assad after one of their lobby groups was granted a Treasury department licence to support the FSA with communications, logistical and “other services”.

But even as the expatriates behind the Syrian Support Group celebrate a move that allows a US-based organisation to raise funds for the rebels possibly for the purchase of more weapons, Washington and its European allies remain deeply reluctant to throw their weight behind the armed rebellion.

Since the latest Russian and Chinese veto at the UN two weeks ago, the Obama administration has said it was “accelerating” its support to the Syrian opposition. Read More