Monday, August 6, 2012

TSA screeners LOSE woman who 'tested positive for explosives', allow her to leave on plane..and THEN put airport on lock down and cancel 100 Flights

TSA screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport lost a woman who reportedly tested positive for explosives on Sunday and only put the airport on lock-down when she boarded a flight to Cleveland, Ohio.

Earlier in the day, the Transportation Security Administration at the airport misplaced a piece of checked luggage that had also tested positive for explosives and couldn't find it for 45 minutes. The bomb squad cleared the oversize bag -- but only two and a half hours after it was discovered.

The security failures caused more than 100 flights at the busy airport to be cancelled and dozens more delayed as furious passengers waited for hours -- only to learn their planes were not going to take off.

About 8.45am, a woman slipped through a TSA checkpoint at Terminal C before being fully screened.

Fox 5 New York reported that the woman was flagged in a preliminary test for explosives.

The TSA refused to comment on the report that possible explosives were involved. Read More