Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tony Scott's death Video made by witnesses – and hawked to media outlets

TMZ reportedly viewed, but did not purchase, the video of the director's death as more questions emerge about his motives.

Witnesses who filmed and photographed Tony Scott's fatal leap from a bridge into Los Angeles harbour are reportedly hawking the footage to media outlets.

The material captures the British director crouching moments before he jumped an estimated 185ft to his death on Sunday. The show business website TMZ said it had seen – but not purchased – some of the footage.

Some witnesses said they assumed at first it was an extreme sports stunt, not a suicide. A surveillance camera from a nearby business also recorded the jump.

News of the macabre footage came as it emerged Scott made meticulous preparations for his death and had planned to use the bridge from which he jumped in a blockbuster film.

The 68-year-old left a list of contact names, numbers and instructions in his car for police to find after he jumped, one of several notes he left in various locations.

The most detailed note, which reportedly explained why he took his own life, was left in his office. Its contents were not immediately revealed, leaving his motives a mystery to the public as harrowing details emerged of his final moments. Read More