Friday, August 10, 2012

SpongeBob dies two months after being adopted by a new family weighing 33lba

At 33lbs, he was a real heavyweight of the cat world.

But just two months after being adopted by a new family, Spongebob, the ginger tom who horrified and charmed New York, has died.

The cat gained unlikely celebrity status earlier this summer when he arrived at New York City rescue centre.

Although veterinaries said his death was not caused by his weight the nine-year-old moggie's obesity made an operation life threatening and his new owners Courtney and Matt Farrell were forced to let him go last week.

SpongeBob arrived at Animal Haven rescue centre earlier this year after his elderly owner moved to a care home.

Staff members were shocked at the cat’s size and put him on a strict diet in a bid to improve his health and chances to get adopted. Read More