Friday, August 10, 2012

Scott Smith caught smuggling gun and knives into Dark Knight Rises screening had them ‘for protection after Aurora massacre’

The man arrested for attempting to weapons into a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Ohio was not planning an attack but simply wanted to protect himself.

Scott A. Smith was taken into police custody after he allegedly tried to bring a satchel containing a loaded gun, ammunition clips and four knives into a 10pm Saturday showing of the Batman movie in Cleveland.

But the 37-year-old's legal representative said he was not planning a copycat action but was in fact fearing for his safety after the Aurora shootings and had brought the weapons for protection.

Police were called to Regal Cinemas after an off-duty police officer working security found a loaded 9mm Glock and the ammunition and knives in Mr Smith's bag.

Mr Smith was arrested and authorities believe they prevented a copycat attack of the Dark Knight Rises massacre.

Police later performed a search of the 37-year-old's home, where they found about eight rifles and handguns along with gas masks and bulletproof vests. Read More