Sunday, August 5, 2012

Narrow miss at Detroit airport as planes fly too close to each other just days after close call in Washington

Two airplanes came dangerously close to one another at a Detroit airport on Friday, just days after hundreds of air passengers narrowly avoided a massive mid-air collision when three U.S. commuter jets came within seconds of each other in Washington D.C..

The incident at Detroit Metro Airport occurred when a Delta flight and a regional jet were trying to land, according to CNN.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that neither plane was at risk of colliding with the other but they were only separated by two horizontal miles. Standard separation distance is three miles.

'Air traffic control was aware that they had a situation where separation was less than they would like,' FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory told CNN.

The incident came to light after a concerned passenger noticed the proximity of the regional jet from his window.

The FAA is now investigating the incident. It is also probing how three U.S. Airways jets flew within feet of each other at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday afternoon. Read More