Friday, August 10, 2012

Naked fisherman was plucked from shark-infested ocean

A TV news helicopter aided in the rescue of a naked fisherman surrounded by hammerhead sharks when his boat capsized - after being sent to cover the story.

One hammerhead was circling him and was within 20 metres of the man - who was believed to have been in the water for 24 hours.

Grant Taylor, a reporter for Australia's Channel Seven, said he spotted other sharks moving in after flying to cover the story of three missing fishermen off the coast of Leeman - 200 miles north of Perth.

Looking out from his helicopter, he saw the naked man was treading water as a 'massive' hammerhead shark circled him.

The man was struggling to swim, said Mr Taylor, and was alternating between treading water and floating on his back.

Covering the drama live for a radio station, Mr Taylor said: 'When we first spotted him, one of the scariest things was there was a massive hammerhead shark not 20 metres away from him, just slowly circling around him,' he said. Read More