Sunday, August 19, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood has 'started crucifying opponents of new Egyptian President', claims website

Radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood have started 'crucifying opponents of newly installed President Mohammed Morsi,' according to media reports.

'During a recent rampage, Muslim Brotherhood operatives crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others,' reported WMD, quoting Middle East media.

Raymond Ibrahim, a fellow with the Middle East Forum and the Investigative Project on Terrorism, told the website 'the crucifixions are the product of who the Middle Eastern media call partisans.'

The Algemeiner backed up the claims and said that several news outlets including Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, and Egypt Now reported that people were being 'crucified.'

They said the Muslim Brotherhood supporters were specifically targeting 'secular media.' Read More