Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monk becomes 50th to set himself on fire in protest of Chinese rule in Tibet

The fight for political freedom in Tibet reached a grisly milestone when the 50th monk set himself on fire in protest over China’s rule over the Himalayan nation.

The latest self-immolation in a western Chinese province with a large Tibetan community comes during a 17-month upsurge in anger against Beijing’s huge security presence in the mountainous region.

Chinese state security forces have been reported as shooting and killing unarmed Tibetan protesters and carrying out thousands of arbitrary detentions following a rash of violent protests against forced re-education and patriotic induction classes, where Tibetans are ordered to show loyalty to “the Motherland’ and “One China”.

Scores of disappearances, tortures, deaths in detention, beatings and the ransacking of homes have also been reported.

But such claims cannot be verified because international humanitarian groups, diplomats and journalists are banned from visiting the region, with access for tourists severely restricted or visitors denied travel permits.

'The ruling Chinese Communist Party is going to extraordinary lengths to muffle and conceal the uprising in Tibet. Read More