Friday, August 10, 2012

Man throws himself off 22nd floor of Manhattan hotel and lands on top of SUV with the driver inside who emerges unharmed

A man committed suicide after jumping 22 stories off a Manhattan hotel and landed on top of a parked SUV - with the driver still inside.

The man, identified as a 40-year-old from Coral Gables, Florida, hurtled from the sun deck of the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue near to 55th street and hit driver Engel Nicasio's vehicle's roof.

Encasio, 37, was enjoying his breakfast of coffee and a bagel when the tragedy occurred and was alerted to the impact when he heard a 'loud boom' and saw his car buckle under the pressure.

'I was inside the vehicle having a cup of coffee and a bagel. I had been standing outside the vehicle minutes earlier. I heard a big bang,' said Engel Nicasio to the New York Post.

'Hotel security came over and helped me out of the vehicle. I saw a man’s body. His body was separated at the waist. It was frightening, I can’t believe it happened. Read More