Monday, August 6, 2012

Joshua Kimbrough 'sets fire to his girlfriend as she sits in their house before stealing a car'

A crazed man set his girlfriend alight on a chair and left her fighting for her life before going on a city-wide crime spree, police said.

Officers in Lakeland, Florida, said the alarm was raised on Friday morning after witnesses reported seeing the 26-year-old victim running out of a property on fire.

She crossed the road before a neighbour covered her with a sheet until emergency crews arrived.

Micheal Barnes told ABC News he was working on his car, when he saw the woman running towards him.

Mr Barnes said: 'She started hollering. I look up and she was completely in flames and was running towards us.

'The grass was kind of damp. So we had to roll and smother it out. We got a blanket and put it over her.

'The neighbours over here helped and we sat there and it started to drizzle. So we held a blanket over her so water wouldn't hit.'

The man said to be behind it, 32-year-old Joshua Kimbrough, committed several other crimes across the city before tips from the public helped to track him down, according to police. Read More