Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jose Martinez stabbed girlfriend's dad to death at her request as she watched ...after saying her father abused her'

A 19-year-old accused of stabbing his girlfriend's father to death while he slept claims the girl asked him several times to kill him because he was abusive.

In a twisting murder plot, 19-year-old Jose Martinez has been arrested in the death of Jaime Meza Guzman, 45, while he slept in his Las Vegas, Nevada home on Monday with the teen accusing his daughter as being behind the plot.

Found stabbed 30 to 40 times in his bed, both Mr Guzman's 17-year-old daughter and Martinez have been charged with murder, conspiracy and burglary, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Speaking with police following his arrest this week, Martinez said he jumped on Guzman and stabbed him with a 3-inch pocket knife several times before placing a blanket over his body.

Discovering the father still breathing, the 19-year-old said he continued to strike at the man until he stopped. Read More