Tuesday, August 28, 2012

James Holmes: Police dispatch Scanner audio traffic 911

00:33 Radio switch over.
1:30 Police radio check in,
2:50 Asking for Command post Location
3:47 Police make contact
4:00 Police inside theater searching now
4:10 Suspect booking out of parking lot male red packpack alameada
4:32 reports of Two Suspects
4:52 suspect Description
5:09 Suspect Description
5:30 Denver 673 Code 6 Foot patrol?
5:55 Command post location
6:20 Command post location
6:35 K'9 on location searching
7:31 Backpack found
10:00 another seprarate 911 call of someone Pulling someone into a car
11:06 Suspect Description gas mask Helmet black long gun VEST
11:20 Emploies in Break room Inside theater
12:15 Fire on Location command post waiting for assignment
12:48 Theater 8 or theater 9 back door bolt cutters
13:43 Code 6 Command post
14:30 Theater Cleared. We are going to the parking lot now. (No dead bodies. It was in fact a Drill.)

No reports of Suspect in custody? hmm

One reports of shots fired in theater. No reports of dead people. No 911 calls of theater go'ers claiming dead people. . Just man with Mask. More police radio traffic is avalible
No emergency BEEP to have radio Priority - Source