Thursday, August 16, 2012

Israel suspects rocket fire caused explosions near Egypt border

(Reuters) - Two explosions shook a southern Israeli city near Egypt on Wednesday, and the military suspected a cross-border rocket attack though searches have thus far turned up no evidence.

The blasts took place in the town of Eilat after darkness fell. Tensions have been running high in neighboring Sinai where Egyptian troops have mounted a sweep after a deadly August 5 attack on a security post by militants who then stormed Israel's border.

There were no reported casualties in Wednesday's incident. "We suspect there was a possible rocket attack," a military spokeswoman said, though searches for explosive remains turned up no results. Searches were expected to resume at daybreak.

Islamist militants were suspected to be behind an increasing number of rocket attacks at Israel from Egypt.

The last such attack on June 16 also caused no casualties. Israel said it has since moved in an Iron Dome missile interceptor system to protect the region. Read More