Friday, August 3, 2012

Gavin Smith Still Missing as police reveal search of drug dealer's home

Police admitted today that there is something 'just not right' in the disappearance of a Hollywood executive who went missing three months ago.

Gavin Smith, 57, was reported missing on May 2 when he failed to pick up his teenage son for school in Los Angeles.

Authorities have said they strongly suspect foul play over what happened to the former UCLA basketball player.

A detective told Fox News that the home of John and Chandrika Creech was searched in connection with Mr Smith's disappearance.

John Creech, a drug dealer, was being held by police for an unrelated matter but the couple had not been entirely ruled out.

According to a source who spoke the LA Times in June, Smith was allegedly having an affair with Mrs Creech whom he met in a drug rehab program four years ago.

Mr Smith's family offered a $20,000 reward last month to anyone who knows his whereabouts. Read More