Friday, August 3, 2012

Ex-Google boss uses Chinese Twitter to leak address and phone number of U.S. coach to 15m followers after he doubted Olympic swimming supergirl

The Olympic row between the U.S. and China rolled on today as the personal details of the American swimming coach who questioned the gold-medal success of Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen were shared with 15 million bloggers.

The home and work addresses, phone numbers and email of John Leonard were posted to Sina Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like site.

The information was posted by Kaifu Lee who once ran Google in China. He has since deleted Tuesday's post but not before it was retweeted 14,000 times.

Mr Lee wrote that he had read numerous articles on 16-year-old swimmer Ye Shiwen and that all were 'relentless attacks from John Leonard'.

According to the BBC, he then wrote: 'John Leonard should apologize. Below are his background and contact details. If you want to contact him, I suggest using civilised and factual approach.' Read More