Monday, August 6, 2012

David and Frances Champion jailed for beating their daughter, 17, for 'bringing shame on the family' by having a black boyfriend

A mother and father who repeatedly punched their daughter while screaming 'vile' racist insults because they said she had 'brought shame' on their family by dating a black man have been jailed.

David and Frances Champion assaulted their then-17-year-old daughter Jane and her boyfriend Aflonce Ncube in two ‘disgraceful’ racist attacks.

Miss Champion was repeatedly punched in the face, grabbed round the throat and had her hair pulled which left her with lumps and bruises.

Her boyfriend, Mr Ncube was kicked in the legs while being subjected to a torrent of abuse over his skin colour.

Mr Champion was jailed today for 12 months and his wife for nine months after two 'vile' racial attacks on the pair. Read More