Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bo Stripped of Party Membership, Freed of Criminal Liability?

Japan's largest Pro-China newspaper, Asahi Shimbun,

recently disclosed that Hu Jintao's faction had
gained advantage in the Beidaihe meeting.
Senior members of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) made
a decision to strip the former Chongqing Party Secretary,
Bo Xilai, of his party membership; also stopping him from
representing the People's Congress.
According to reports and analyses, Bo Xilai is likely to be
investigated for criminal responsibility in the future.

August 26—Japan's Asahi Shimbun run a front-page report,

that Bo Xilai would be expelled from the CCP; the decision
had been made in the Beidaihe meeting in early August,
according to several sources who are in contact with the CCP.

It's expected to be formally announced before the CCP's 18th
Congress, at the CCP Central Committee's plenary session.

Provisions of the of the CCP Constitution states that,
there are 5 categories in losing party membership,
and being expelled from the party is the most
severe punishment.
In the analysis, Bo is said to completely step down;
he will likely be held for bribery charges later.

Yet, Dr. Ye Ke, from the University of Southern California's
School of Public Policy believes that,
being expelled from the party is only a punishment
within the regime;
it cannot be a substitute for legal sanctions
and criminal penalties. Read More