Saturday, August 18, 2012

As Israel Prepares for War, Some Citizens Accuse it of Warmongering

In Israel, the debate over whether or not to attack Iran is reaching a fever pitch. Officials there say the time to make a decision about an Israeli attack is now. They say Iran’s nuclear program, combined with its anti-Israel rhetoric, is a threat to Israel’s very existence. While American officials are opposing an Israeli-led strike, Israel is already bracing itself for a potential Iranian counterattack.

I got a flyer in my mailbox a few days ago. It said: ‘this is the absolute last chance to pick up your gas mask. Don’t be left unprotected. Get your gas masks today at a local Jerusalem mall.’ So I went to the mall. About 50 people were waiting in line. Some had been there for hours.

A man waiting for the mask said he didn’t care, but came to get the masks because his wife wanted them.
“I know nothing is going to happen. They can’t mess with Israel, it’s not a joke,” he said.

Another woman said she was getting the masks because as a parent she felt the need to be responsible and wanted to take the necessary precautions. But she said it is life as usual. Read More