Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Venette Ovilde and her friend Myriam 'starved daughter, 8, to death and chained her siblings to radiators after falling under spell of religious cult'

A mother and her roommate stand accused of starving one of her children to death, chaining the girl and her younger siblings to radiators and leaving their broken bones untreated.

Venette Ovilde, 30, and her friend Myriam Janvier, 24, both pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to the murder of eight-year-old Christiana Glenn, who was found dead in May 2011 at their apartment.

Acquaintances said the death occurred after the two women began acting increasingly bizarrely as they were swayed by the religious teachings of a local man, who made them fast and wear all white.

Authorities from the Essex County prosecutor's office in New Jersey later found the youngster died in severe malnutrition and a fractured femur that had not been treated. Read More