Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two More suspected Ebola deaths reported in Uganda, Including a Child

(Reuters) - Two more people, including a child, are suspected to have died of the Ebola virus while 11 more have been put in isolation in western Uganda where the deadly haemorrhagic fever was first confirmed last Friday, health workers said on Tuesday.

So far 14 people have died of the disease and Ugandan officials fear a repeat of an outbreak in 2000, the most devastating to date, when 425 people were infected, more than half of whom died.

Dan Kyamanywa, health officer for Kibaale district where the outbreak had started, told Reuters by telephone that villagers had called medical officials on Tuesday to report that two more people had died, including a 5-year old boy.

Kyamanywa said the latest deaths also occurred in Kibaale, about 170 km (100 miles) west of the capital, and near the Democratic Republic of Congo where the virus first emerged in 1976, taking its name from the Ebola River. Read More