Friday, July 20, 2012

Tories attack PM over vow to keep us in EU: PM angers Eurosceptics by 'showing his hand'

David Cameron was facing an angry Tory backlash over Europe last night after appearing to rule out Britain ever leaving the EU under his leadership.

The Prime Minister said he wanted a ‘new settlement’ with Europe, but suggested this would stop short of Britain quitting the EU.

Mr Cameron criticised Eurosceptics who want to leave, saying their vision for Britain would create ‘a sort of greater Switzerland... that would be a complete denial of our national interest’.

Downing Street sources last night insisted the Prime Minister’s remarks had not been setting out his negotiating position and had simply been restating that he did not want a referendum on the issue now.

But Tory critics accused him of giving away his hand, and making it far harder for Britain to claw back power from Brussels. Read More