Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tonee Walker Hands herself in after being Dubbed the Buxom Bandit

The woman dubbed The Buxom Bandit for displaying her ample cleavage while holding up an Australian petrol station appeared in court today after handing herself in to police.

Tonee Walker, 22, was remanded in custody and the low cut dress she wore during the robbery - which left little to the imagination – has been replaced by a prisoner’s dowdy brown uniform.

CCTV images of Miss Walker holding up the petrol station with a knife on Queensland’s Gold Coast went viral and even inspired a Taiwanese company to make an animated cartoon showing a buxom blonde robber riding into town on a kangaroo.

Miss Walker, who was ridiculed as a bandit for failing to hide her face from the cameras and wearing only one glove – meaning her fingerprints would have been left in the petrol station – was on the run for five days before giving herself up. Read More