Sunday, July 22, 2012

The foreign criminals the Home Office hasn't even tried to deport: 250 offenders allowed to stay in UK without letting judge decide their fate

Killers and rapists were among 250 foreign criminals who should have been deported at the end of their prison sentences but were instead allowed to stay in Britain without their cases being considered by a court.

At least one terrorist, up to eight killers and rapists, 20 robbers and eight paedophiles were given permission to stay last year without a judge deciding their fate.

Instead, the Home Office accepted that deporting them would be a breach or their human rights and allowed them to stay in the country.

Freedom of Information Act requests made by The Sunday Telegraph also revealed a dramatic increase in such cases - from 56 in 2008, 80 the following year, 217 in 2010 and 250 last year.

Home Secretary Theresa May last year announced a crackdown on use of the 'right to a family life' defence to avoid deportation. Read More