Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tatiana Deleao Arrested after 'leaving 17-month-old baby in sweltering hot car while she shopped in TJ Maxx'

A mother has been arrested after she left her 17-month-old baby boy in a boiling hot car for around 30 minutes while she went shopping in a nearby TJ Maxx.

Police say the baby would have died had it not been for a stranger who walked past and saw the child in its car seat and noticed the windows were up.

The car was described as being as 'hot as an oven'.

Tatiana Deleao, 31, of Kearny, New Jersey, was taken into custody after she returned to the car park with her sister.

Lyndhurst Police Department Capt John Valente told CBS: 'She said she forgot the child was with her. She forgot the baby was in the back seat. She was distraught.'

The baby boy appeared lifeless and was drenched in sweat when he was pulled from the car.

Passer by Karen Wagner, who first noticed the baby locked in the car, and a local firefighter who just happened to be in the lot as well, pulled the baby from the seat and poured water over his head. Read More