Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spanish protests swell as jobless march on Madrid

(Reuters) - Hundreds of unemployed Spaniards who had walked hundreds of kilometers (miles) to Madrid joined protests on Saturday against Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government and its handling of an economic crisis.

Demonstrations have swollen across Spain since the center-right government announced 65 billion euros ($79 billion) in new spending cuts two weeks ago to cut its deficit and avert a full-blown bailout, with firefighters and police joining a mass protest on Thursday.

Several hundred people journeyed on foot from the southern region of Andalucia, which has one of the worst unemployment rates in Spain, and from northern Catalonia and other areas in an attempt to highlight the plight of the unemployed in recession-hit Spain, where almost one in four is without a job.

"I joined the Barcelona-Madrid march, the march for dignity, and I'm protesting to get a decent job ... and against the cuts and what they are doing to citizens," said Tania Faturechi, 30. Read More