Thursday, July 12, 2012

South Australian jobless rate soars to 6.4pc

South Australia's unemployment rate has soared.

Figures from the Bureau of Statistics show a rise from 5.2 per cent in May to 6.4 per cent in June, seasonally-adjusted.

SA Employment Minister Tom Kenyon expressed surprise at the size of the increase.

"You very rarely get jumps of that size," he said.

"We'll be very, very cautious about this number because we're looking to see what it does next month simply because of the size of the movement.

"SA has a small sample size and that affects the volatility."

Mr Kenyon remained positive about the outlook for SA.

"The economy underneath it all is relatively strong. Retail figures I think were up," he said.

"This jump ... doesn't seem to reflect the real economy out there. Read More